Think you can't afford a beach getaway? Here's how

The beach is a dream destination for those looking for a relaxing escape. 

If you want a beach getaway, these tips can help you plan a low-cost trip without sacrificing your favorite beach activities.

Choose a budget-friendly destination

Beach towns like Daytona Beach in northeast Florida and Carlsbad, CA are great choices for affordable beach vacations.

Camp at the beach

Beach camping offers some of the cheapest beachside accommodations you can find.

Limiting what you spend on food will help you stick to a budget on your beach getaway.

Turn a beach trip into a road trip

Driving is often significantly cheaper than airfare, and it gives you the opportunity to make your trip into more than just a beach vacation.

Escaping to the beach can be an affordable trip with some advance planning and a few steps to save on travel, food and lodging.

Without having to worry about your budget, you’ll be free to enjoy the sun and sand.

Before you cancel your beach trip, with some planning and research, you can find savings on these expenses.