An epic California National Parks road trip guide + more!

California national parks 

Embark on an epic California national parks road trip that stitches together the Golden State’s historic monuments and natural beauty.

offers a tranquil coastal retreat.

Point Reyes National Seashore

Joshua Tree National Park is a climber’s haven with over 8,000 routes and a variety of experiences.

Lassen Volcanic National Park,

home to the world’s largest plug dome volcano.

As you journey through the vast landscapes and delve into the rich history of the Golden State, you’ll enjoy unparalleled experiences.

Alcatraz Island reveals the intriguing history of the infamous federal prison in San Francisco Bay.

Millions of people are captivated each year by California’s national parks’ rich history and diverse natural beauty.

From the misty forests of the north to the sun-baked deserts in the south, This guide will help you chart your course through California’s national treasures from north to south.

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