Alaska unleashed: discovering the great frontier's larger-than-life wonders


is a dream destination for many wandering souls.

All three species of bears native to the United States live in Alaska. Polar bears, brown bears, and black bears.

The Bears

The square acreage is impressive, coming in at 365,000,000 acres, or 586,412 square miles.

Just how big is Alaska?

This watershed boasts the largest natural salmon runs left in the world.

Bristol Bay, Alaska

The coastline of Alaska is the longest of any state in the United States, coming in at 6,640 miles long.

Speaking of bear country, you can sit amongst the bears in Katmai National Park in Western Alaska.

Alaskans love to fish, whether it is commercial, subsistence, or sport fishing. And almost all of them utilize salmon in their diet.

It is so big and wide that paddlewheel boats used to travel up and down the river.

Yukon River

No words can explain the majesty of the views of Alaska