A family-friendly guide to travel in Mexico City with kids

You may not know it, but the capital of Mexico is bursting with child-friendly attractions.

The city’s vibrant street life, expansive parks and colorful markets are a captivating experience for curious young minds.

Mexico City flourishes with pleasant weather and numerous festivals between March and May.

In Mexico City, you can enjoy diverse dining options that cater to families, ensuring that even the youngest diners are satisfied with traditional Mexican food.

Kids react positively to music and dance — and Mexico City has those in spades.

Kids and adults will love exploring the rich history and culture showcased at Museo de Arte Popular, especially the vibrant folk art.

Mexico City offers a true insider’s perspective on life in this vast country.

There is truly something for everyone in this metropolis — so don’t be afraid to go there with your kids and share your thirst for adventure with them.

Travel is an eye-opening experience that can bond a family together.